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The Co-Chairs for the Ontario Green Button Industry- Led Working Group have been Chosen.

January 18, 2022

The Co-Chairs for the Ontario Green Button Industry- Led Working Group have been Chosen. There will be 3 people tasked with the Job. Our CEO, Gary Michor (Screaming Power Inc.) along with Eddie Augusto, Manager of Meter Data Management (Alectra Utilities) and Jeremy J. Roberts, General Manager & Executive Director, (Green Button Alliance) will provide the Working Group a wealth of experience moving forward. More to come.

See the Bio’s of the Co-Chairs below.

Gary Michor, CEO, Screaming Power

Gary has 25+ years of experience leading firms and developing integrated market data infrastructures for the energy sector. Gary established and operated one of the largest privately-owned energy transactional data hubs in the world which is used for Ontario’s Retail electricity market (retail billing and settlement data). Also, he was instrumental in building energy retailer customer and settlement systems for some of the largest entities in North America while integrating with more than 20 Ontario energy data vendors along the way. Gary has advised the Ontario IESO on data and system transitions to establish an open generation market and was one of the US business data specialists for the FERC eTariff infrastructure rollout, used by many of the major market operators, Utilities and Generators in the US. He has run and advised multiple data centric working groups, multiple data integration projects, and government data sharing initiatives for energy markets. Gary was the Ontario Government’s Green Button expert and alongside his group of consultants advised the Ontario Ministry of Energy on the Green Button implementation.  


Along with this experience, one of his business partners is the primary implementer of Green Button in the US that has created and manages 1000’s of 3rd party Green Button data integrations. The CTO of this partner organization is the Vice-Chair of the Green Button Alliance. Gary has rare expertise in understanding energy data integration, facility analysis, energy modelling / energy efficiency, project implementation, data processes and software between the meter and consumer. Gary is on the OEB Green Button Task force and wishes to Co-Lead the Industry-led Working Group to ensure there is an effective, competitive, and healthy digitization solution set for the people of Ontario.  Gary will act as market-focused Co-Lead and assist in the Ontario implementation cooperatively with stakeholders to meet Ontario’s goals.  Gary has the proven ability and unique experience to Co-Lead the Working Group and commits to help bring in specialized resources, as necessary, to deal with the technical, business, operational and policy roadblocks for Ontario’s delivery of Green Button. 


Prior Relevant Experience – When / Where

1998-2001 – Advised on the digital transition for private Generators into Ontario – representing Independent Power Producers – CMO / IESO

2000-2004 – Led the development of the OEB’s Electronic Business Transaction (EBT) standards (billing/settlement/metering) between Utilities & Energy Retailers 

2000-2006 – Created Electricity Data “Hub” for Ontario’s electricity retail market (90% market share) – connected to 21 Utility CIS systems 

2007-2010 – Built / implemented eTarrif data infrastructure – connected to US federal regulator (FERC) using XML-based transactions, PJM, SPP, ISONE, NYISO, Utilities, and US generators  

All Infrastructures / Systems are still in operation today

2018-2020 – Contracted by PSPC (Canadian Federal Government) to manage Ontario’s building footprint – Billing / Metering data – Managed Data from 40+ Ontario Utilities  

2017 – today – Created a digital customer engagement toolset for Utilities providing billing, metering, and other information 

2017 – today – Integrated to IoT (Utility focused) – Solar generation, Portfolio Manager (Energy Star), Nest, Ecobee, Google, and Alexa+

2018 – Screaming Power was the lead technical advisor for Ontario Ministry of Energy on Green Button 

2021 – Gary is on the OEB Green Button Task Force 

2021 – Green Button solution implementer and SaaS operator. See Announcement  


Eddie Augusto, Manager of Meter Data Management for Alectra Utilities

Eddie has over 30 years of experience in electric utility operations and information systems. Eddie’s focus over the last 10 years has been on leveraging technology for process improvement, data analytics and project implementation, playing a key role in the Metering/CIS integration of four medium sized legacy utilities to form Alectra, which now serves over one million customers.  Most recently, supported developing integrations for non-wires alternative, net-metering, advantage power pricing, solar storage initiatives, as well as the Alectra’s Centralized Meter Data Engine, a hosted solution that provides analytics, operational process automation and large data storage. 

Eddie is past Chair of the Sensus Partner and Advisor Network, past member of the IESO IT Standing Committee and member of the MaRS facilitated Ontario Green Button Standards Committee and OEB Green Button Implementation Task Force which contributes to his understanding of the unique Ontario marketplace and the value of Green Button in serving our customers. 

As a Co-chair of this industry led group, he is looking to ensure that the unique perspective of utilities, utility vendors, and 3rd party Green Button developers are heard, while ensuring the committee provides prioritized guidance to stakeholders to accelerate Green Button development


Jeremy J. Roberts, General Manager & Executive Director, Green Button Alliance

 Jeremy utilizes his over-25-years of technical knowledge, interoperability & certification efforts, expertise in emerging smart-grid standards and grid modernization strategies, in serving the Green Button ecosystem as the general manager and executive director of the Green Button Alliance. 

 Roberts served in several of the U.S. NIST’s Domain Experts Working Groups (DEWGs) and the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s Priority Action Plan (SGIP PAP) groups to provide insight on the future requirements for smart-grid applications and to accelerate the development of secure, reliable smart-grid standards.  He is a signatory to the GridWise Architecture Council’s 2005 Constitution on Interoperability and a former voting member of OASIS’ Energy Market Information Exchange (eMIX) and Energy Interop technical committees.  Much of the resultant work became the basis of what comprises the Green Button.  Roberts has also worked with the Consumer Technology Association’s R7 energy and home electronics groups to establish communications standards between home network/systems and consumer electronic devices. 

  In the realm of certification and standards, Roberts served as technical director for LonMark International, where he led worldwide technical services for the non-profit alliance; managed member-product certifications and interoperability efforts between hundreds of member companies; and drove national and international standardization activities with ANSI; US-CERT; SGIP; ASHRAE; CTA; IEEE; ISA; OASIS; SAE; and ISO/IEC JTC1 for the industry verticals of commercial buildings, mass-transit systems, industrial plants, residences, and other IoT sectors.  Roberts began his work in the energy sector in the early 1990s as a manager of software development for smart thermostats incorporating grid-to-device communications for demand-side energy management, known today as demand-response. 

   Roberts holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Technology from Central Michigan University, and a Master of Business Administration degree in Global Management, from the University of Phoenix.