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Understanding Green Button: Your Key to Ontario Utility Data

Ontario Utility Green Button Solutions are a regulated requirement O.Reg 633/21: Energy Data for Electricity and Natural Gas Utilities in Ontario (50+ Utilities). There is also a small group of water Utilities that have voluntarily taken on this initiative. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) oversees the Utilities per regulation and has established  a Green Button Industry-led Working Group (GB IWG).

The GB IWG is an industry-led forum for distributors and other interested volunteer stakeholders to address issues that arise on the implementation of this Province-wide initiative since 2022. From this forum, 1000’s of hours have been provided to help the market succeed in its goal to provide digital billing and metering data for the first time in North America. The GB IWG has unanimously created FAQs and Best Practices to assist in the implementation.  The OEB has also provided guidance on the regulation and this implementation to assist everyone in the education of this Ontario-wide digital strategy.

What is Green Button Ontario?

Green Button is a Long-Term Energy Plan for Ontario to have an Energy Standard across all utilities and energy platforms. Opportunity to access energy data in Green Button format is customer-driven. Customers will need to determine whether they want to access their energy data in Green Button format or authorize a third-party application to receive this data on their behalf see Ontario’s Regulatory proposal. 


Evaluating Systems

We work with you to understand and identify how digitization and standardization can help.

Tailored guidance

We look at the strengths of digitization to meet the goals you have.

Strategic insights

We help you gain knowledge in this new market setting to maximize its benefits for all.

Integrate Market

We look to simplify energy data management for Ontario to promote innovation

Ontario’s Access to Green Button Activities

The Ontario government has introduced Green Button technologies into Ontario Utilities as of 2024 November 1st. A new initiative has been designed to help you quickly access your Utility energy information. It’s a simple and secure way to retrieve utility billing and metering data, empowering you and your innovation providers to gain valuable insights into your energy consumption.

At Green Button Ontario, you can explore the publicly available work that has been done in Green Button Working Groups. This enables you to make informed decisions.

At Green Button Ontario, we’re passionate about helping individuals and businesses navigate the changing energy landscape. This site’s sponsors hope you use this site’s information to help you along the way.

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