Easy Green Button Connector (EZGB)

Introducing Easy Green Button Conector Solution

At Our Company, we use top-quality tools to help businesses meet and even surpass regulatory standards and customer needs. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, we support the gathering and sharing of digital energy data. Our goal is to enhance your business operations, promote energy efficiency, and drive the adoption of digital and eco-friendly technologies.

What is EZGB?

EZGB SaaS provides 3rd parties and their customers a SaaS to meet market data collection / management needs.

EZGB offers a data and user management infrastructure with optional data testing tools to harnesses third-party data management. This tool was created though lessons learned while helping to create this new market so you can easily access digitized data using proven techniques. With EZGB you don’t need to burden your IT Group with complex integrations if you don’t want to. We “Black Box” the Green Button solutions in EZGB to manage the 50 plus Utility implementations. Our EZGB services engage the Utilities systems as an independent resource for the delivery of digitized energy data.

EZGB’s job is to exceed the regulatory requirements and meet the needs of small, medium, and large third parties to advance their business capability, enable energy / data efficiencies, and accelerate conservation and energy efficiency, create economic development opportunities, increase process efficiencies and cost, reduce utility customer care, streamline reporting and support DERS (Distributed Energy Resources) as stated by the Ontario Government.

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How Data Interaction works

Step One
Review Data Needs & Manage Dependencies
Review Regulatory / System needs and Use Cases that are required and / or needed to achieve operational effectiveness.

Review all standards that need to be considered including general development / testing and operational best practices.
Step Two
Build and Integrate to Existing Test Harness Tools
Adapt our tools to your unique data needs. This includes identifying the data to be tested, validated and adjusting reports. Note: These are very large datasets, so processes will be developed to automate and build for reuse (for operations and troubleshooting needs) wherever possible.

For Screaming Power, we use our existing IP and adapt it to our Utilities’ or third parties’ needs.

Integrate the testing toolset into your infrastructure.
Step Three
Test & Retest while adapting the Test Tools to accommodate changing needs.
It is important to be agile with the implementation and rollout to allow for problem solving newly discovered issues. Flexibility of development and testing will be key to a successful rollout and ongoing operations supporting digital sharing and storage.
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How the Green Button Toolset Works

Third-Party Setup

Third-Party Registration Form.

Access to pilot Environments .

Integrating Third-Party Applications as needed .

Local Distribution Companies Approval

Tested and validated Go live approval.

Listing in directory where available.

Simple to use support managed by Screaming.

Customer (Rate Payer) Authorization

Selection of the third party.

Data sharing authorization form.

Authorization receipt.

Third-Party Full Access to Customer Data

Immediate and controlled data access through dashboard and/or API.

Export data in Green Button and other formats.

How Third Parties Share Data In A Secure Manner?


Local Distribution Company

Third Parties

  • Adopt a resilient and flexible data-sharing infrastructure that enables innovation and energy transition.
  • Provide secure, controlled data access and build to accommodate business needs around the digitization on data.
  • Realize that no system is perfect and will always be a need to adjust systems to correct or resend data.
  • Enable a simple data-sharing authorization process that ensures confidentiality and and provides an audit trail.
  • Work with people who understand Ontario’s Green Button implementation strategy and assisted in delivering it to many market players.

Templated to fit all solutions

Third party solution

Data testing and Reporting Infrastructure

Utility Customer Engagement Platform

Flexible Integration​

The Screaming Power Green Button toolset helps Ontario utilities and third parties easily integrate secure energy data access into their existing systems. It supports LDC branding and facilitates Green Button certification, meeting Ontario’s regulatory requirements.

Serving the Marketplace

The Ontario Green Button toolset offers a standalone option for secure energy data access, or can integrate with existing portals. It supports LDC’s preferred systems and has identified data issues missed by legacy solutions. Screaming Power’s experienced team guides LDCs towards optimal Green Button implementation and offers the only solution with proven security and integration capabilities. They advocate for a cooperative approach to maximize efficiency for all LDCs.