• Do Utilities need to provide service for customers who cannot access the internet, don't have an online
    account, or want to authorize a 3rd party with multiple accounts?
    • The OEB Response references previous guidance requiring customer access to data and authorization of third parties consistent with the Green Button Regulation.
  • Should the ITWG recommend alternate authentication approaches for future Green Button standards?
    • The OEB suggests the ITWG may want to focus on establishing uniform alternate pathways for customers without online accounts.
    • Regarding the NAESB ESPI Standard:
      • The OEB clarifies the applicable version in Ontario.
      • Updates to the standard wouldn't be mandatory in Ontario without regulation amendments.
  • Regarding the privacy policy requirement: Who is it for (customer, third party, or both)?
    • The OEB references its Green Button Guidance for privacy policies.
  • How is privacy policy requirement enforced?
    • The OEB says a separate GB policy isn't necessary, but an existing policy should reflect GB.
  • Can a utility require data to stay in Canada or the third party to meet Canadian privacy laws?
    • The customer should receive the privacy policy electronically at authorization.
  • Does the enforcement obligation fall on the utility?
    • The OEB says it's not a utility's role to monitor third-party behavior.
  • Are there rules about interface changes requiring re-certification?
    • Answer: Certification remains valid unless system changes impact it.
  • Where can I find OEB Staff Guidance Regarding Implementation of Green Button?
  • Where can I find the Green Button Connect My Data Terms and Conditions documentation?