About Us

Empowerment Through Connectivity

Imagine a world where consumers are actively engaged in managing their energy use, and utilities can deliver innovative services. That’s the future we’re building!

Our platform bridges the gap by connecting consumers and utilities through their digital data. This empowers consumers with valuable insights and facilitates the development of new services, ultimately benefiting both utilities (reduced cost-to-serve) and customers (increased satisfaction). Think personalized energy plans or conservation programs delivered by third parties!

Mobilizing Data for Sustainable Marketplace Empowerment

We are empowering the marketplace through platforms that automate data access for technology. We look to stimulate social change in order to encourage sustainability. Open access to ‘Big Data’ is available from utilities to interested parties for conservation, demand management and analysis to drive innovation and knowlege.

Our Mission

To lead in constructing digital infrastructures for 'big data' to enhance energy providers and the community through new technologies. We aim to promote initiatives for efficient energy information flow, promote supply chain innovation, unify data islands, and drive shareholder value while enhancing the energy industries reputation.

Our Vison

Our vision is to revolutionize utility data sharing, empowering the marketplace with automated access to energy information. We strive for global recognition as innovative parties unite to create an open and competitive setting for energy data communications.

Our Goal

To promote change. To work with creative parties who seek the same results. To expand our market through data partnerships, alliances and innovative people.