Green Button Ontario Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are coming out of the OEB’s Industry-led Work Group for Green Button and will be updated on a regular basis.

If you are an Ontario Electric or Natural Gas Utility or a vendor using the standard.  YES.  Also see NAESB Copyright 

For a single utility YES GB -related.  Across utilities NO not part of the Standard or Regulation 

Yes, there are fields for Line Losses.

All Ontario Utilities within the Regulation.  Completed by November 1,  2023

There are 19 options and more can be proposed, if needed.

Utilities are not required to pass data on to previous customers even if they move from within the Utility. 

If they are separate platforms or tested separately you will have to pay separately (same time and using the same engine)

DMD Cert+Test is US$3,000.  Cert+Test is US$3,200.  The cost of DMD+CMD  Cert+Cert+Test is US$3,700.  

The Standard does hold these data sets.  Each Utility is required to determine what data is available  

Legacy Ontario GB DMD was not certified by Green Button Alliance. Likely it will not be complaint.  Reminder, The Ontario Government requires version 3.3 of NAESB be used.

The IWG is setting out Best Practices. These will be worked on through industry engagement and activities through Sub Working Groups

Look on the GBA website for more information. It is part of Ontario’s regulation requirement.  

No but you may need to purchase the Standard as required by regulation, law and or copyright requirements.  The IWG is not the NAESB. We need to conform with the same rules as others (as required by laws and or Regulations) 

The GBA certification process is for Utilities. A Vendor to a Utility can be GBA Certified but Utilities using their products must still get certified.

The IWG is setting out Best Practices. These will be worked on through industry engagement and activities through Sub Working Groups

The GBA will inform the market when full Ontario GBA certification is available. Will be reflected in these FAQs

This is not a requirement, it is sufficient to provide the information that was on the last published bill.

The IWG will provide best practices. The outcomes of these best practices will be a result of a joint effort between the IWG and the Sub-Groups.

Your requirements are unchanged. Please refer to Government policies, regulations and guidelines.

The Standard is capable of managing interaction between the Utility and the Green Button User. Utilities still take on responsibilities as normally required.

Breakout is not a requirement, unless the Utility provides this information today in the normal course of business. Providing the breakout in an one-off discussion with a customer, is not considered normal course of business.